Electrical Substation and High Voltage Line of the Photovoltaic Plant Zafra. Seville. Spain

49.9 MWp Zafra Solar Power Plant. Seville. Spain


Start year: 2019

Completion year: 2019

The project consists of the Engineering, Assembly, Legalization and Commissioning of an Electrical Transformer Substation of 49.9 MW, 30/132 kV, and a High Voltage Line of 4 kilometers at 132 kV for the evacuation of energy from the Solar Plant “Zafra”. Location Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville, Spain).

The scope of the execution works refers to several areas:

High Voltage Electrical Line (HVL), Overhead and Underground, 132KV, 4,200 m from SET PSV to Endesa Dos Hermanas SET Connection:

  • Civil Works (Engineering, design and construction of HVLT)
  • Lattice towers (24 units).
  • ASTX 280 insulators
  • LA-280mm cable
  • OPGW cable (3,200 m)
  • OPGW junction boxes
  • Subway Power Cable RHZ1-RA +2OL 1X630mm 76/132 KV (2,400 m)
  • 145 kV Terminal Bottles
  • Subway Line Channeling
  • Junction SET Dos Hermanas
  • Grounding of the LAT

Outdoor Park of the Electrical Transformer Substation (SET) PSV 132/30 KV:

  • Civil Works (Engineering, design and construction)
  • Structures
  • Lightning Rod ZnO 145kV
  • Rotating Blade Disconnectors 145KV
  • 145 KV Circuit Breaker
  • Power Transformer of 50MW and 132/30 KV
  • Grounding Reactance
  • Generator Set
  • Metering Equipment
  • Voltage and Current Transformers (TT, Ti)
  • Control and Power Conduits
  • Lightning Rod ZnO 36 kV
  • Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)

Building Installations:

  • 36 kV switchgear (6 pcs.)
  • Generating set control system
  • SET (Scada) electrical protection and control system
  • LV and Control electrical panels
  • Electrical conduits and lines
  • 36 kV medium voltage lines
  • Auxiliary Services 36 KV transformer
  • Rectifier Charger 125V, 50 A
  • Fire Protection System (FPS)
  • Ventilation installation
  • Lighting installation